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Welcome to the BBSC Registration System. From this page, you may register your child for any of our available programs. Additionally, any adult may register to manage or coach a team. Once they are open, an email will be sent to all current BBSC members. Members that would like to coach or get started on the Volunteer registration may do so at anytime.


Broadneck Baseball & Softball Club
P.O. Box 419
Arnold, MD 21012-0419



NOTE:  Recent BBSC Policy Changes

  • Please see changes to the volunteer program under the Volunteer Policy paragraph at the bottom of this page.
  • 2017-11-24: See changes made regarding Late Registrations for Baseball.

Registration Information

  • ALL REGISTRATIONS ARE TO BE PAID BY CREDIT CARD OR DEBIT CARD. If you want to pay cash or check, you will need to send an email to the BBSC Registrar at: to set up an appointment.
  • NOTE BBSC Travel Team Registrations: For those attempting to register their child for one of BBSC's Travel teams, you will need to have your team manager send you a link to the registration program. The Travel team registrations are not available directly from this website.

Late Registration Fee

  • A late fee will be assessed for all T-Ball and Baseball Registrations.
  • No registrations for T-Ball and Baseball Programs will be accepted once the registration system closes, except for exceptional circumstances approved by the BBSC Board and the late fee after that will be greater.
  • The dates when a late fee go into affect and when a registration program closes are identified for each program.
  • In the past, BBSC has had too many late registrations which has interfered with the leagues ability to order uniforms and take care of tasks that are required to start the season on-time.

Refund Policy

  • This refund policy applies to the registration fee. A $15 service fee will apply to all refund requests, at the discretion of the league, to recover costs incurred by the league prior to a player's withdrawal. Refunds must be requested via email to: . No refunds will be issued after the start of practice or after uniforms are issued without the written permission of the Baseball or Softball Vice-President and additional fees may apply.

Scholarship Program

  • It is the policy of BBSC that any age appropriate boy or girl living on the Broadneck Peninsula have the opportunity to play baseball or softball, notwithstanding an inability to pay the registration fee. BBSC will consider, on a very limited basis and upon need shown, granting a partial or full scholarship. Please contact for more information.

Volunteer Policy

  • Youth organizations are dependent upon volunteers to perform all of the functions necessary to make their programs successful. Volunteers can work as concessions helpers and special event helpers.
  • As BBSC has expanded over the past few years, the need for volunteers has become great. So as you start to register your player, you are required to pay a buy-out fee for Volunteering, in addition to your registration fees. BBSC will refund the buy-out fee to anyone who meets the following requirements:
  • The options are:
    • Volunteer once to help with the Concession Stands, or Special Events/Projects depending on the season (Spring or Fall) on a day/time that you select.
    • If you choose to volunteer, your buy-out fee will be returned when you show up at your appointed volunteer slot.
    • However, if you volunteer and do not show up at your appointed volunteer slot, your buy-out fee will not be returned. Please note you may use our online volunteer scheduling tool to signup and change your volunteer selection.
BBSC Buy-out Fees By Season
Spring $60.00
Fall $40.00
  • Because the game schedule will not be published until a week before the season starts, there is a chance your child will be scheduled to play a game elsewhere in the county when you have concession duty. There is also a chance your shift will not be at the same park even if your child’s game is a home game. This is something over which BBSC has no control, but we will work with you to change your concession shift if there is a conflict. There is also a chance that a shift will be canceled due to lack of field use or bad weather. You will be notified in advance of any cancelation. Because BBSC asks every family to work one shift, if your shift is canceled for any reason, you will be asked to select a new volunteer shift or your buy-out fee will not be returned.
  • As the season approaches and the game schedules are known, additional volunteer opportunities will be added. Please check back after the schedules are released to find a volunteer opportunity that suits your schedule.
    • If you need further information or questions, please email .
Uniform Size Information
Shirt & Pant Size Chart
Shirt Sizing Chart

Vehicle Damage Liability

  • BBSC is not liable for vehicle damage caused by foul balls, home runs, errant throws or other common baseball-related mishaps while baseball activities are in play. Parking near any baseball diamond at BBSC parks carries and assumption of know risk of such damage.