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Sandlot Season

Announcing our 2020 Fall Rec Baseball Sandlot Season!

Each week, your player will have one weekday clinic-style practice with the rest of the kids in their age group, and one sandlot game each Sunday. Coaches will shuffle rosters each week, so one week, buddies will play with each other, and the next, they'll play against each other. There are no league standings. Our focus is on fun and fundamentals.

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BBSC Mission Statement

The Broadneck Baseball and Softball Club is comprised of the families of more than 600 children playing organized youth baseball and softball on the Broadneck Peninsula.  We are affiliated with the Cal Ripken and Babe Ruth organizations in baseball and with the Pony organization in softball.

Our goal at BBSC is to provide an opportunity for Broadneck-area children of all levels of ability and interest to play softball and baseball in a safe environment, emphasizing sportsmanship and fair play. Most importantly, we simply want to make softball and baseball a fun and memorable experience for all.  We believe that coaches and parents attending games and practices should be role models for our child athletes and should always conduct themselves in a way that exhibits sportsmanship and admirable conduct toward other players, coaches, umpires and parents.  We believe in teaching the sports of baseball and softball and have a major focus on teaching fundamentals in a way that makes the sport fun.  We believe that BBSC is an important part of the local Broadneck community and we strive to bring the community together in positive ways.  We honor local volunteers and businesses through our annual BBSC Community Service Award and we recognize those players who exhibit outstanding sportsmanship no matter what their batting average or whether their teams place first or last.  We firmly believe that childhood is a magical time of life and that coaches and parents should never lose sight of the fact that our players are children playing a game that should always be fun.


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