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Change Team: 

Team, here's our master dates for the tournaments below.


Lake shore (7/8-7/10)  - Lake shore athletic complex

Brooklyn Park (7/15-7/18) - At Brooklyn Park MD 10th Ave

AYRA (7/30-7/31)  - Located in Savage MD it says… farther more will come.

- I won't have any game times till a few days ahead of us playing in the tournament.


Again we will practice weekly on Wednesday evenings from 6pm-8 and Saturday mornings at 9am at our field. If we have a tournament we will practice Wednesday and likely another weeknight ahead of the tournament. 


For this Saturday's scrimmage at home, I told the boys to wear black shirts, gray pants and a hat. Game starts at 6. Please be ready to warm up at 5. 


See you Saturday, - Coach Griff

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Good morning, I really appreciate the responses over the past couple of days, as we look to add a 3rd tournament.
  1. Scrimmage is set for this Saturday 6/25 at 6pm Broadneck Park. I'll figure out what color to wear. We will only scrimmage this Saturday, NO practice. 
  2. The July 1-3 tournament will NOT happen for us.
  3. July 30-31 looks like we should be good. I’ll get on registration for that soon. 
  4. Reminder we have practice tomorrow night at 6pm at our usual field. Hopefully weather cooperates in our favor. 
I will send out a final master date list once I know more; hopefully by the end of the week. 
- Thanks again coach Griff

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Team, looks like I still need responses from Micheal, Julian, Chris for the dates above. Scrimmage could work this coming weekend, but July 1-3 doesn't look good. I fortunately have another option below. 
Looking ahead, if we don't have enough for the First weekend of July; I have the other option of a tournament at the end of July from 7/30-7/31, in Savage MD. Please let me know by Tuesday at 2pm your availability that weekend. Thanks - Coach Griff

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Good afternoon Bruins, I have a couple notices below
We have the option to join a 3rd tournament, but don't worry it won't cost you anything! July 1-3, If we have enough players we could potentially join. I have another option at the end of July if that won't work considering the timing and the 4th of July. 
We have been contacted to play a scrimmage next weekend on the 25th or 26th at home, let me know your players availability. 
Lastly, our practices will be on Wednesday nights (6-8Pm) and Saturday mornings (9-11Am) weekly. If we have a tournament on that weekend I will likely keep Wednesday the same and do another weeknight. This is all pending the weather and our own life schedules but that's my ideal look for this team till we are done by August 1st at the latest. 
Please let me know your players' availability for the possible tournament July 1-3 and for next weekend 25-26. If you have any questions or concerns let me know of that as well.  I will see you all next week at Wednesday's practice. - Coach Griff

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Team, with our rec seasons over I’d like to shift our practice to this coming Saturday morning at 9am at Broadneck park for 2 hours. 
Please let me know if this is an issue for you. If not I’ll see you there. 
- Coach Griff

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sunday 19th pratice?

Team & Parents, does anyone object to a practice this Sunday (fathers day) at 9Am?

I figured morning was better than evening because of plans later on throughout the day for any of you. If you object, let me know. If not then DO NOT reply and I'll know your player can make it. 

I’ll follow up later this week if we are able to hold this practice or not. Thank you. 


  • Coach Griff

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next practice

Team & Parents, below is this week's practice on saturday evening. 

Practice    June 11, SAT      6pm-8pm      @Broadneck Park 3 

Please arrive on time and dress accordingly and have all your equipment. You may wear whatever but need baseball pants. 


Any questions or concerns please reach out, Thank you all!


  • Coach Griff

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Bruins, reminder we are practicing this Sunday at 8Am-10. 
See you at Broadneck Park. Good luck to you all this weekend. - Coach Griff

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Tournament team practices this week

Team & Parents, hope you are enjoying the long weekend. 

This week we will only practice ONCE. I know I gave 3 dates before but with both our teams finishing games this week I'd like to just keep it less stressful for all of us. With that being said the info is below. 

Practice    June 5, SUN       8Am-10        @Broadneck Park 3 

Please arrive on time and dress accordingly and have all your equipment. You may wear whatever but need baseball pants. 


Any questions or concerns please reach out, Thank you all!

  • Coach Griff

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