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Great game!
by posted 04/10/2021

Thank you all for a great game. I appreciate everyone's patience with the kids and cheering them on. We are down to 8 players so please try to make it to all the games and let me know if you are not coming. This coming week we will be working on base positions when to run after the ball so kids (like my Odette) don't run from 3rd base to go get a ball on right field LOL. If you get a chance to practice this at home we can combine efforts and help them get better every week. first ve bwloe has a set of cheapfoam drop bases that can be used anywheee to practice running. Have a good weekend Coach A

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Game on Saturday
by posted 04/06/2021

Good afternoon Cubs, 

Our first game will be this Saturday April 10th at 11 AM at the same field we practice. All kids will need to bring a helmet and a golvei order to play. A bat would be nice but they can always use the team bat. Dicks Sporting goods in annapolis has affordable helmets and gloves and so does Walmart in Qaurterfield Rd. 

Since Coach Cory and I will be on the field with the kids we could really use some help with the follwing:

Ensuring kids in dugout keep their masks on and don't go too crazy (a little crazy is ok)

Keep lineup order 

Bat safety

Lysoling the team bat after use (I can bring wipes)


Remember this is tball, we do not keep score, strikes or outs and kids swing until they get a hit and take thier base. Innig is over once all kids have hit.

Last kid in the lineup bats a "grand slam" I will make sure every kid gets to be last to get the "grand slam" experience. 

Please a little before gametime. 


See you tonight

Coach A




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